Juliana Mamora’s Story

Juliana Mamora is a housewife who loves her family. She has a friendly, humble, and smiling personality, making her loved by those around her. Enjoying social activities and being involved in serving others are the main reasons Juliana enjoys being an ADRA volunteer.

Initially, she knew ADRA when living in Brisbane, Australia. Through the church, ADRA actively holds a call to donate every year where Juliana and her family have also donated.

After returning to Indonesia in 2013, Juliana found out where ADRA’s office was in Jakarta and met with the then Country Director, Paulo Lutke along with two other staff, D’Karlo Purba and Kyriakos.

Since then Juliana has been happy to help and involved in carrying out ADRA Indonesia projects. In 2013, a project to improve the nutrition of PAUD children in the landfill area in Bantar Gebang by providing the children with healthy nutritious food for several months and together with 2 other volunteer friends educating mothers at Bantar Gebang TPA how to choose and prepare simple, healthy, and nutritious food for their children at a low cost.

In 2017, she participated in a project to plant mangroves in Sedari Village, Karawang District, West Java Province. In 2018, she was involved in post-earthquake disaster management activities on the island of Lombok as well as post-earthquake and liquefaction disaster management in Palu city in the same year. In 2020, she was involved in the Bekasi flood disaster response and is now participating in a book library project for children in East Nusa Tenggara and remains active in donating and disseminating information about fundraising.

“Come on, become a volunteer (willing to be generous)! By donating some of your time, energy, ideas, suggestions or by donating funds to help those affected by disasters and preserve our environment,” said Juliana.

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