Mengatasi Beban Hidup: Berjuang Menuju Harapan dengan ADRA Indonesia

Perkumpupulan orang orang yang berpemgharapan

Banyak momen dalam hidup yang mungkin membuat kita terasa terbebani, menghadapi beban yang begitu berat dalam perjalanan kehidupan. Keputusasaan kadang menyelinap begitu saja, dan godaan untuk menyerah terus menghantui. Namun, pertanyaannya, apakah kita hanya akan membiarkan diri kita tenggelam dalam rasa kasihan terhadap diri sendiri? Di tengah realitas yang kadang menyedihkan ini, ADRA Indonesia hadir […]

Dhea Dara’s Inspiring Volunteer Story: Empowering Education in Sumba

Dhea Dara, a passionate young woman from East Sumba, felt a deep calling to uplift education in her hometown. With a heart dedicated to making a difference, she embarked on the Bukuku Bukumu Project, a volunteer-based initiative. The project’s name encapsulates the vision of sharing books with children in Sumba and remote areas, ensuring that […]

ADRA Supports Cianjur Seventh-day Adventist Church Public Kitchen

Seventh-day Adventist Church in Cianjur swiftly opened a public kitchen post on Tuesday (22/11), a day after the 5.6 magnitude earthquake hit Cianjur district, West Java last Monday (21/11). Coordinated by the Congregational Pastor, the family of Pastor Deddy Aritonang and Mrs. Novi Aritonang, the Cianjur Seventh-day Adventist Church provides food for volunteers who come […]

Church for Humanitarian Mission

Saturday, October 22, 2022 – Podomoro City Adventist Church, from the Jakarta Local Conference, handed over 2 large cartons, 1 small bag containing wearable clothing and 2 electronic items to ADRA Op Shop. Collected, sorted and wrapped by the entire Podomoro City church members coordinated by the Community Service team, these clothes have been handed […]

Maria – ADRA Op Shop

ADRA Indonesia Op Shop Maria, an English teacher originally from Manado had been an ADRA volunteer for 5 years before officially joining the team as a Church Relations Officer. She loves working with ADRA because of the programmes and activities we run and working with the Seventh Day Adventist Church Pathfinders teaching them about Community […]

Opportunity Shop ADRA Indonesia

Opportunity Shop as the name implies consists of two English words translated as Opportunity Shop. Yes, Op Shop (Short for Opportunity Shop) is a shop that provides an opportunity for the community to share with others in need. The purpose of the Op Shop was founded as a community service that benefits many individuals. Op […]

Sharing Benefits with Mrs Yati

Mrs. Yati – A tailor at the East Tebet PSPT Market. She is a friendly person and likes to get along with anyone. After seeing the volunteers who clean and tidy up the Op Shop before it opened, she asked what the shop was set up for. She was very impressed with the vision and […]

Story of Rista Optiana

Rista was one of the most dedicated volunteers who helped the implementation of Elderly First (Elfi) Project to help and assist elderly to get Covid-19 vaccination in Bogor district. Rista is only 22 years old but she always puts a lot of effort and care into her work, but still manage to look happy and […]

Juliana Mamora’s Story

Juliana Mamora is a housewife who loves her family. She has a friendly, humble, and smiling personality, making her loved by those around her. Enjoying social activities and being involved in serving others are the main reasons Juliana enjoys being an ADRA volunteer. Initially, she knew ADRA when living in Brisbane, Australia. Through the church, […]

Pst Abri Santoso’s Story

Pastor Abri Santoso is the Director of Household Services, Health Services, Community Services / ADRA Coordinator, and Adventist Possibilities Ministry at the East Java Conference (EJC). He has been involved in humanitarian services by helping disaster victims with the Department of Community Services at the East Java Conference since 2012. In 2017 he joined ADRA […]