ADRA Supports Cianjur Seventh-day Adventist Church Public Kitchen

Seventh-day Adventist Church in Cianjur swiftly opened a public kitchen post on Tuesday (22/11), a day after the 5.6 magnitude earthquake hit Cianjur district, West Java last Monday (21/11). Coordinated by the Congregational Pastor, the family of Pastor Deddy Aritonang and Mrs. Novi Aritonang, the Cianjur Seventh-day Adventist Church provides food for volunteers who come to assist the survivors. Apart from that, this public kitchen also provides food for volunteers and medical personnel serving at the public kitchen post at Rumah Sehat Cianjur.

Every day more and more volunteers come from various lines of service at the Jakarta Local Conference and the West Java Conference. Apart from volunteers to help the survivors, there are also volunteers who come to help keep the public kitchen post operational. Logistical assistance continued to arrive at the Cianjur Seventh-day Adventist church public kitchen post.

ADRA also supports by providing basic food assistance for the public kitchen of the Cianjur Seventh-day Adventist Church so that it can continue to serve the needs of survivors and volunteers. The symbolic handover was carried out at the public kitchen post of the Cianjur Seventh-day Adventist Church by the ADRA team together with volunteers and was received directly by Mrs. Novi Aritonang, the church pastor’s wife.

Thank you for your assistance so that ADRA can support the public kitchen post of the Cianjur Seventh-day Adventist Church and 310 families affected by the earthquake by distributing 310 packages of shelter kits to the survivors.

Let’s continue to give your best donations so that ADRA can help more people in Cianjur district.

We need more support to help more people affected by the earthquake. Please send your best donation through ADRA Indonesia Bank Account:

BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia) 772753400, Swift Code: BNINIDJA – ADRA Indonesia Foundation


Include the number 7 at the end of the nominal, for example, IDR500,007.

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