Church for Humanitarian Mission

Saturday, October 22, 2022 – Podomoro City Adventist Church, from the Jakarta Local Conference, handed over 2 large cartons, 1 small bag containing wearable clothing and 2 electronic items to ADRA Op Shop. Collected, sorted and wrapped by the entire Podomoro City church members coordinated by the Community Service team, these clothes have been handed over to the ADRA Op Shop volunteer team as part of donation support for humanitarian services, especially disaster and crisis relief.

ADRA opens donation services other than funds in the form of goods. These items will be resold at very affordable prices for the community and the funds raised will be used for humanitarian assistance throughout Indonesia. On this occasion, the handover of the donated goods was carried out by Pst. Jimmy Tidayoh (Church Pastor) and Maria Winerungan (Person in charge of ADRA Op Shop). The short ceremony was held on Saturday, October 22, 2022, at the Podomoro City Adventist Church in West Jakarta.

The church members believe that this aid can help many people and become an expression of God’s love for humanity through ADRA’s services. Church members can continue to donate both in terms of funds as well as goods and labor voluntarily. People can buy good quality clothes at affordable prices. “The churches through ADRA can be an extension of reaching the unreached,” said Ayub Gustaf Layan (The Adventist Community Service Coordinator of Podomoro City Adventist Church.

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