Peran Aktif Perempuan dalam Berpartisipasi pada Sekolah Lapang Petani

Program REAF II melaksanakan Sekolah Lapang Petani untuk 3 komoditas pertanian yakni jagung, cabai atau tomat, dan kakao di 4 desa dampingan, yaitu Tuva, Omu, Bangga, dan Jono Oge. Program sekolah lapang ini berlangsung sejak minggu kedua bulan November 2022 - Maret 2023 nanti.

The main objective of implementing the Farmer Field School Potential Lead Farmers is to increase the understanding and skills of good agricultural practices. Apart from that, to get potential farmers who are willing to become guide farmers in their respective villages.

The first field school meeting was for cocoa in Bangga Village. The material studied is about the importance of knowing and observing agroecosystems. Interestingly, all 12 participants who attended were women. Even so, they participated enthusiastically and were actively involved in learning activities. Most of these mothers were previously not farmers but had other professions such as housewives, teachers and small businesses. There was also a participant who was a single parent, where previously she had never been involved in agriculture. But after her husband passed away, she had to become the breadwinner for her family. It gives her strength and a great desire to learn.

The farmer field school in Bangga Village proves that women are able to work to help the family’s economy just like men. They have the ability to learn and empower themselves and others.

“I hope that by participating in this field school, we can implement the knowledge gained in our cocoa farms, so that we can resume production and help improve the family’s economy,” said one participant.

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