Cerita Andi Katarina

Andi Katarina, is one of the participants in the farmers field school for corn cultivation in the Omu village. She is a shining example of dedication and perseverance. She wholeheartedly embraced the seven-session field school program, absorbing valuable insights from ADRA and applying them diligently to her own land. Throughout her journey in the field […]

Tanriani’s Story

Tanriani is a Cocoa farmer from Sigi District. She actively engaged in the pioneering farmer field school initiative organized by the REAF II Project, a program designed to empower farming guides. Through her participation in 12 immersive sessions of the field school, Ibu Tanriani’s commitment and enthusiasm stood out, leading her to a pivotal opportunity. […]

Harapan Diperbaharui: Proyek REAF II Membawa Ketangguhan bagi Petani Terdampak Gempa

ADRA Indonesia is proud to share the success of the “Recovery of Earthquake Affected Farmers (REAF II)” project in Sigi District! Over the past year, we have been working tirelessly to support and uplift earthquake-affected farmers in the region. Recently, we held a productive workshop with key stakeholders for the annual monitoring and evaluation of […]

Training on Gender and Protection

Through the REAF II Project, ADRA held Training on Gender and Protection. This training lasted for 2 days and was attended by 15 participants, namely 7 staff members and 8 group leaders from 4 assisted villages. Gender inequalities often occur in communities. Men and women have unequal access to resources. Women in general have limited […]

Peran Aktif Perempuan dalam Berpartisipasi pada Sekolah Lapang Petani

The REAF II program implemented Farmer Field Schools for 3 agricultural commodities namely corn, chili or tomato, and cocoa in 4 assisted villages, namely Tuva, Omu, Bangga, and Jono Oge. This field school program will take place from the second week of November 2022 – March 2023. The main objective of implementing the Farmer Field […]

Developing Group’s Activity Plan

Project Manager REAF II Kusdijono met Dr. Abdul Wahab, Sp., MP as head of the Central Sulawesi Agricultural Research and Development Agency on October 26, 2022. The purpose of the meeting was to coordinate and deliver a program that focuses on recovery for the earthquake and Covid-19 affected population in Sigi district, Central Sulawesi province, […]

The REAF II Project

Thank you for your support! ADRA is able to continue the The REAF project in Sigi district, Central Sulawesi. The REAF project will proceed to accompany the previous beneficiaries. This project is funded by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. In the first week of this month, the staff visit the village heads and group leaders in […]

Harapan untuk Masa Depan yang Lebih Baik

Adira, 23 years old, is a housewife with two children. To meet the needs of her small family, she relies on her husband’s daily income as a builder. The flash floods in September 2020 had caused them to lose their temporary housing provided by the Government for the family affected by the earthquake in September […]

Jeje Aljufri Memulai Kembali dari Awal

Before the earthquake, Jeje Aljufri worked as a Chicken Livestock Partner for 2,500 chickens since 2016. He earned IDR750 per chicken. He, his wife, and their four sons lived in the chicken coop where he worked. When there was an earthquake in 2018, the cage where he worked was completely destroyed, leaving him and his […]

Ibu Sakina - Penyintas Gempa Bumi Sulawesi Tengah

Sakina, 40 years old woman, a mother of 2 children, a son, and a daughter. She and her husband have a physical disability. Sakina has had a motorcycle accident, and her husband suffered polio when he was a kid and caused permanent paralysis of the legs. They have been living in Kaleke for more than […]