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Partisipasi perempuan dalam proyek restorasi mata pencaharian di Sigi, Sulawesi


Today the ADRA’s Food security project in Central Sulawesi is entering a “school without a wall” of Farmers Field School (FFS) in vegetable and livestock. This part of CFBG or Canadian Food-grains bank initiated the livelihood project in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, “REAF: Food Security Enhancement and Livelihood Recovery for earthquake-affected Farmers in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia”, The project local name is “Program Ketahanan Pangan melalui Pengembalian Mata Pencaharian Masyarakat” or Food Security program through Community Livelihood Restoration.

This is the follow-up program of the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction program in Central Sulawesi after the earthquake, landslides, and liquefaction hit Central Sulawesi in September 2018. During the initial study or identification of ADRA with the Balai Pengkajian Teknologi Pertanian” or Research Centre Agency of Agriculture Technology of Central Sulawesi” most of the affected people expected to recover their livelihood commodities through demonstration sites. These commodities are cacao, corn, chilly, superior country chicken, goat, etc. Through the assistance of the REAF team, the selected families in four villages are ready to follow Farmers Field School (FFS), the “school without a wall” in the above commodities. The livelihood formation and grouping are almost finished according to the expected commodities. Interestingly the women also participated in the grouping process.

In Omu village women are shared and willing to provide agriculture needs like fertilizer, seeds for the corn group, since she runs small shops. The other women are willing to provide for pig breeding needs. The challenge is how to maintain the group spirit and consistency of the member, so the team has to keep in contact with the group leaders to maintain their membership. In entering the rainy season the four selected villages (Omu, Tuva, Bangga, and Jono Oge) are ready to follow: a school without a wall”

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