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ADRA Indonesia invites all the women to continue Kartini's struggle

Learn From Kartini : ADRA Indonesia invites all the women to continue Kartini’s struggle

Kartini became a hero in Indonesia because of her relentless struggle for women’s rights and education. Eventhought being born into a wealthy and influential family, Kartini was aware of the injustices faced by women in Javanese society at the time. She opposed traditions that confined women to domestic roles and fought for the right to receive a proper education.

One of Kartini’s greatest contributions was spreading her ideas through letters she wrote to friends and pen pals, both domestically and internationally. These letters, later published, became a source of inspiration for many and helped change societal perceptions towards women and education.

Although Kartini passed away at a relatively young age, her legacy lives on and continues to influence women’s movements in Indonesia. The recognition bestowed upon her as a national hero is an acknowledgment of her struggles that have helped elevate the status of women and education in Indonesia.

She might hope for Indonesian women to have equal opportunities in education, employment, and leadership positions. She may advocate for gender equality in all aspects of life, including politics, business, and social spheres. Additionally, she might wish for Indonesian society to embrace diversity and inclusivity, supporting women from various backgrounds and empowering them to pursue their dreams and aspirations. Karini could also desire better access to healthcare, reproductive rights, and protection from gender-based violence for women across Indonesia. Ultimately, her hopes might center around creating a more equitable and just society where women are valued, respected, and given the chance to thrive.

ADRA Indonesia invites all the women to continue Kartini’s struggle by trying new things and engaging in various activities that women may rarely do. You can contribute to ongoing and future humanitarian programs that ADRA Indonesia will undertake. No matter how old you are, and wherever you are, let’s take small steps for big positive changes.

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