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We can sleep well tonight – Manado flood response

Last week, on Thursday ( January 27, 2014 ), ADRA distributed 552 packets of beddings to represent the family in Perkamil Village.Our truck went into the village and, with the help of a team of POSKO, we lowered sacks containing relief of ADRA. Our team made a direct counter and put up a banner in front of the main station Perkamil HOME Village, a military residence. A few minutes later, Perkamil citizens lined up in an orderly manner in front of the yard and garage. The distribution system of ADRA came, which were aid package of eight neighborhood ( level RW ), looks oma, opa , women, men and young children in their arms carry a coupon of ADRA, who first shared by each Head of a family. Coupons were used to claim relief package. Everyone will register and submit their coupons to the team at the counter and receive a packet of beddings, mattress roll and a blanket in a bag with a handle enough for two adults. The rows of ADRA Relief beneficiaries are prioritized for seniors, elderly widows, and toddler.

We can finally sleep soundly tonight. Thank you ADRA for the mattress roll and a blanket! ” Said a happy grandmother who took the package home. A grandmother laughed after receiving aid package mattresses and blankets from ADRA on the next day, Friday ( January 26, 2014), in the Village of New Ternate, densely populated settlements along the banks of the river. ADRA is working with the Village, the Village and the Pala Secretary of the four environments. As we had time at hand so went to some of the houses of citizens and therefore symbolically shared Friday prayer. The rest, in each environment, the aid distribution is entrusted to every Nutmeg and they still use coupons.   

Mother Tanu ( third from left ) poses with Team Survey ADRA In the village where 90% of the houses were submerged and household furniture damage, did not even work anymore due to flooding from swollen rivers. Ibu Tanu New Ternate as the Secretary of the Village have helped record the number of seniors, widow and young children beneficiaries of environmental flood victims 1 through 4, which is as many as 656 people. ADRA volunteers ( left to right): Adie Lantau, Jeffry, Valen Kindangen, Alfi Senduk, Meidy Sumampouw, Steven Pandoh, and Kyriakos Erlan experience in both the villages. ADRA volunteer team:

The average young person with the spirit of humanity, to learn to recognize them and serve the flood victims. To be patient and loving regardless of background, ethnicity, religion, race and social class. We felt the beauty and touched the hearts of those who are in need of our helping hand, we were able to reach and distribute aid. “It’s a valuable lesson behind Manado flood! ” 

Reported by Kyriakos Erlan, ADRA Indonesia Emergency Management Coordinator, after returning from flood disaster response task Manado – January 2014

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