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UAP Training with Bekasi Berkebun

Urban Agriculture, a project initiated by ADRA Indonesia with the support from ADRA International, aims to help the people of Bantar Gebang build their own gardens to provide nutritional food for them and their families. To support this UAP Project, ADRA conducted several trainings.

Last April 2015, we conducted the first training with the cooperation of Bekasi Berkebun. The training sessions were held in Kelurahan Sumur Batu, Bantar Gebang. In this training, the mothers were taught the whole nine yards of gardening. Starting from the definition of seeds, how to make the environment-friendly for the trees, the elements of the planting, how to plant the seeds, how to care the trees, and everything about gardeningAfter that, the mothers were brought outside to implement what they had learned during the sessions.

Thanks to Bekasi Berkebun, now the mothers in Sumur Batu village can implement what they have learned to their communities. We hope to spread the gardening viruses in Bantar Gebang so that the people of Bantar Gebang can get their vegetable resources at home.

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