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Training for Masonry, Local Labor, and Assessor

Training for Masonry, Local Labor, and Assessor is one of the Expanding Safe Project Programs led by ADRA Indonesia, Teddy Boen, and Kerk In Actie. This activity is expected to create Builders, Local Workers, and Appraisers who can understand and apply how to repair and build Earthquake Resistant Houses with Ferrocement Wrapping Technology as well as be proficient in practice, by always caring and implementing Occupational Health and Safety, and always complying with the Covid-19 Protocol.

This training activity was carried out on Saturday, February 26, 2022, and took place at the Al-Qahar Mosque, which was addressed at Salubiru Hamlet, Takandeang Village, Tapalang District, Mamuju Regency.

This training was divided into two sessions. The first session began by distributing and filling out Pre Tests for training participants, then continued with educational materials and videos on Occupational Health and Safety, Covid-19 Prevention Protocol, Prevention of Exploitation, Sexual Harassment in Humanitarian Action, and Gender Equality. After that, discussions, questions, and answers were held with the training participants and then ended for rest, prayer and lunch. The second session continued with the screening of educational videos and explanations about Earthquake Resistant Construction of Ferrocement Technology, then the discussion and question and answer session of the second closed with the distribution and filling of the Post Test. The number of participants who attended this training activity was 37 people.

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