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Together, everyone achieve more

his weekend in June 2015, ADRA Indonesia along with General Electric (GE) Volunteers, did a marvelous job to help people in Bantar Gebang. With the participation of around 30 people from GE Volunteers and ADRA Indonesia, they built shelves for the family in Bantar Gebang to do gardening and have their own vegetable garden.ADRA is really grateful having GE Volunteers in Bantar Gebang this weekend. They woke up early, to do volunteer job, to help the people of Bantar Gebang. The volunteer activities were started at 9 in the morning, with the opening speeches by Mr.Rudolf & Mr.Aldo from GE, Mr.Karlo from ADRA Indonesia, and Mr.Nadi as the local leader in Sumur Batu Village, Bantar Gebang. After the opening speeches, the voluntary activities officially began.

We started it by forming the team of volunteers. We divided the teams into three based on the projects we planned doing. Which are: making shelves, painting Integrated Service Post, and making Aquaponic system.

As the time passed, the voluntary activities must come to a finish time at 14.00. We were so exhausted yet having fun. Now the people of Sumur Batu Village, have their own vegetable garden and a new face of their Integrated Service Post! ADRA Indonesia and also the people of Bantar Gebang were so thankful to the presence of GE Volunteers, for their spirit and smiles they brought to us!

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