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The REAF II Project

Thank you for your support! ADRA is able to continue the The REAF project in Sigi district, Central Sulawesi. The REAF project will proceed to accompany the previous beneficiaries. This project is funded by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. In the first week of this month, the staff visit the village heads and group leaders in four target villages. The leaders are happy to welcome the staff as they are aware that the community needs to get accompanied to improve their food security and not only depend on the food assistance or other kind material.

The main mission of the project is improving the capacity and skill of communities for sustainable livelihood and adaptability to possible disasters or climate change. In addition, it will pay great attention to women empowerment to actualize gender equitability issues for justice and increasing human productivity.  

Currently, the team starts to identify a list of beneficiaries and are going to ask them to participate in the project. There are some challenges the team faces. Some people are unable to join due to death or have moved to other places because of the flash flood, liquefaction or earthquake. Some community groups such as farmers and livestock are no longer functioning. Fortunately, several advanced farmers are still actively taking care of their vegetable and maize, and cacao crops. A few groups and individual females still run micro-small businesses for their livelihood.

“We are happy to meet the REAF team because we have been waiting for this continuation project”, said one of the beneficiaries.

With the support of village officials and several farmer groups leaders, the team agreed to have a meeting with ex REAF beneficiaries to socialize the project and start to reform the group participants.

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