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The diary of an Internee – Bantar Gebang

In this October-November, ADRA Indonesia got a new team member, who will be involved in ADRA Indonesia activities for about six weeks. She is from the Netherlands. She is sent by ADRA Netherlands to participate in an internship program at ADRA Indonesia.Before her coming, she has been told about our projects and her schedule during her internship here. She will visit Bantar Gebang and Karawang.

In the first week of her arrival, we brought her to Bantar Gebang to show the situation there. We visited some villages which are situated close to the garbage dump where many trucks arrive daily to bring the waste to Bantar Gebang. We also showed her our projects here. We walked around the villages and showed people’s home gardens, from tomatoes and chilies to eggplant, and also our Aquaponics system (ponds with fish). During her visit to Bantar Gebang, she followed ADRA training in several villages, where people learn about compost and repotting plants. In the trainings, the mothers were able to practice what they have learned and ask questions related to their home gardens.

While she was in the village, there is a wedding there. The people invited us to come and we all come together. She was also allowed to try the food in the party. The people here are getting used to enjoy the food even in a place surrounded by the mountain of garbage. It was a nice wedding party and we took a picture together after.Besides the training, she also joined some meetings. There was this meeting with another NGO in a village where ADRA works. Here, the inhabitants were given explanations about Tuberculosis and they were given free medical check.It was another impression she felt to have seen how the people are able to live there. She is sad to know that there are some people who are living like that while we are having a good life.

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