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Sriwedari women empowerment

Sriwedari project that ADRA Indonesia has started in the village of Cemara Jaya in Karawang since March 2014 last year has come to an end in February 2015 with a successful story. In 11-12 March 2015, the women of Cemara Jaya attended the Karawang Development Expo 2015. This exhibition is presented as the cooperation with Department of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs. 

Its aim was to show and promote the development of the local area, Karawang, through small and medium enterprises that the local people do. “Koperasi Bintang Bahari” that has been realized by ADRA Indonesia along with the local women in Cemara Jaya village is one of the examples. They have organized themselves to build a business that increases the sale value of fish the village’s women are catching. In the Exhibition, the women are selling their products from Bandeng fish, such as fish stick, siomay, karage, etc that they produced themselves.

 “Koperasi Bintang Bahari” is an initiative started by ADRA Indonesia and the women of Cemara Jaya village. ADRA Indonesia sees Karawang as the potential place to grow their economic strength through their fisheries activities as Karawang is located in the coastal area. Right now, Cemara Jaya village has one Koperasi, which has three kinds of businesses of Bandeng. 

Attending the Development Expo 2015 brings the proof that the women and their Koperasi Bintang Bahari is a major success and it has paved a path for the secure future of Cemara Jaya people. Thanks to ADRA for helping the women there realize their Koperasi. Now, it’s helping them to be economically and financially independent.

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