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Sorong selatan HIV prevention

Papua has the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS cases. Aside the access to VCTs (Voluntary Counseling and Testing) is very low, coming to these facilities will give a negative presumption to the community. The patients will be judged immediately. Whether proved positive or not, they may isolate these people as if they are already infected with HIV/AIDS.Distance is the result and presenting VCTs as the answer will get opposition from the local leaders.ADRA Indonesia, through a 3-year SHIVAP Project, has been working with regency government especially the Health Services Office and Community Health Centers (CHCs), and hospitals to work together in rebuilding the mind of people in Teminabuan sub-district, South Sorong district, on how to handle the patients correctly and live side-by-side with people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA).ADRA trained the doctors, health workers and other medical professionals on VCT, laboratory, and treatment for HIV/AIDS. People need to know about the facts of HIV/AIDS, and how to treat them equally as a person. ADRA, partnering with RRI Sorong, echoes the truth about HIV/AIDS in every radio broadcasting program. Physicians and health workers are trained by ADRA to equip them in reaching more people. Youths and high school students participated in sharing the importance of condoms through the campaign but not intending to allow having free sex. Loving and caring for the PLWHA is a result of many outreach programs, Focused Group Discussions (FGDs), and seminars. Two VCTs have been activated and integrated with combating other communicable diseases program in CHCs. People of South Sorong were educated and encouraged to help to reduce the HIV/AIDS cases.

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