Socializing About Earthquake-Resistant Cement (Ferrocement Method) and the Rehabilitation of Damaged Houses (Retrofit)

Before starting the Maternal and Child Health Services development program, the reconstruction team carried out an activity of socialization and a time to watch together for residents in villages that will be built by Maternal and Child Health Services as a place of socialization. In this place, residents can socialize and talk about the reconstruction of earthquake-resistant buildings, a place for the community to socialize and watch videos together, giving them a new understanding of how to repair damaged houses through retrofitting methods without having to demolish the building. The purpose and goal of this are to convey information that is not widely known by the people in rural areas to provide them with a new understanding that can have a long-term impact on the sustainability of the village development. The first activity that involved socialization was carried out in Binangga village, Marawolapada, on Wednesday, August 21, 2019, in the Village Hall Building, which was attended by people from various backgrounds. In this event, the team also provided a question and answer session (discussion) to anyone who wanted to ask. During the discussion, Wahidin, a resident who works as a builder, revealed that this was his first time watching a video about this topic (a video about building earthquake-resistant buildings and how to repair houses without demolishing them). According to him, this kind of activity is perfect because it gives new insight to the community, especially for builders/ workers.

The team also schedules this activity on Thursday, August 22, 2019, on the yeard of the baluase village office, in the Southern Dolo sub-district. From the beginning of the video screening up to the discussion session, residents who attended the event enjoyed and paid attention to each session. The village head of Baluase, Ridwan, conveyed a message about a resident named Saprudin (a beneficiary of the house renovation program done by ADRA) whose house had been destroyed by the earthquake on September 28, 2018. He had never stayed and lived at his house because the earthquake happened right after it was built. This message was conveyed as a request for ADRA to help this man because he firmly believes that Saprudin deserves this housing assistance help.

On that occasion, the reconstruction team also shared their plan to build 1 Maternal and Child Health Services unit using the ferrocement method by displaying drawings of the Maternal and Child Health Services unit and then explaining them to the residents.

On Friday, August 23 2019, the reconstruction team went to see the head of the Salua village to discuss final decisions on building schools and a unit for maternal and child health services. When he met the head of the Salua village in his office, the village head said that he wants and emphasizes the need for a school to be built in his village. He recognizes that students are now really concerned with the condition of the damaged school buildings. The building is also in a disaster-prone zone, which means that a flood can come at any time if there happen to be consecutive rain days. This will certainly affect the effectiveness of the teaching and learning process of the teachers and students.

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