Shelter kits for Hamma’s Family

Hamma Juma is one of the IDPs in Mamuju, West Sulawesi. He is a farmer who lives in Botteng Utara Village with his wife and three children. His house was in damage due to the earthquake that happened in 15th January 2021. He is also the head of sub village called Salukalo.

Hamma was very happy when ADRA came to his village to distribute shelter kits for those whose houses were in damage. Hamma himself received the shelters kits i.e. three 4 x 6 metres tarpaulins, half kilos of nails, 30 metres of rope and a hammer. This shelter kits really helped his family very much because he could move his family to their own tent. It gave them more privacy as a family as well as preventing them from Covid 19. What happened in West Sulawesi was a double disaster, because the earthquake happened during Covid 19 pandemic. So, it was very unsafe to stay in an IDPs’ camp with many people.

Besides receiving the shelter kits, Hamma also got some cash assistance by helping ADRA in distributing the shelter kits to the other IDPs in his village. He is very happy with this “Cash for Work” program by ADRA because it helped him and some other villagers to earn some money when most of them lost their jobs because of the disaster. 

Hamma himself was previously a chocolate farmer, but he is growing other plants when the chocolate price dropped. Now he is still afraid to go to his farming field because it is located at the hill that is still dangerous if the earthquake happens again.

“I can build a temporary shelter using the tarpaulins from ADRA. I feel safer resting here than in my house which was damaged by the earthquake"

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