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Story of Rista Optiana

Rista was one of the most dedicated volunteers who helped the implementation of Elderly First (Elfi) Project to help and assist elderly to get Covid-19 vaccination in Bogor district. Rista is only 22 years old but she always puts a lot of effort and care into her work, but still manage to look happy and energetic. 

Rista first heard about the opportunity to become a volunteer from a friend of her parents. Now she has helped around 350 elder people from many villages in Bogor district, namely Sukamantri, Sirnagalih, Tamansari, Pasireurih, Sukaluyu, Sukaresmi, Sukajaya, and Sukajadi village. Becoming a volunteer in ADRA for Elderly First Project was an experience that she always cherishes, not only she gets to meet and interact with new people, but also gains a lot of new experience every day.  As a graduate from Communication, the opportunity to connects with many people and build relationships with them is always an interesting ground for her. 

In the beginning, interacting with elderly was very challenging but she never gave up. She always learns and tries harder to get better in her work every day. Now that she understands more about the character and the need of elderly, she feels more comfortable and know how to make a contact and gain their trust. Quite many elder people have refused to be vaccinated due to many reasons, mostly because they are afraid of the negative consequence caused by the vaccine. She works very hard to help those elderlies to understand about the importance of vaccine for their health and its safety using a communication style that is convenient for her audience. As a result, many elderlies are willing to be vaccinated. 

As she witnessed herself about the implementation of Elderly First Project and its positive impacts for the community, she hopes that ADRA can continue to help more people in needs, especially the vulnerable ones.

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