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Rising up for dignity of the distressed


Persons with HIV/AIDS are distressed because of the physical fatalities of the disease itself, as well as social stigma caused by lack of understanding and loving attention of their society at large. Papua is the most prevalent area with HIV/AIDS cases in Indonesia. 

Innovative Solution

ADRA Indonesia works to empower the government, religious and traditional leaders, and health professionals to understand and take positive action for loving and caring for people with HIV/AIDS and those living with them, as well as to build strong measures against digressed lifestyle and leading causes to prevent the increase of this undesired stigma and illness, aside to be equipped with treatment skills, facilities, services and accesses for VCT (voluntary counseling and treatment) in community health center and hospital.  

 Transformation Results

Outreach activities and radio broadcast series become the favorite and changing points for common people can have a wider opportunity to learn, share, and accept this fact more openly and dignified. One of the national radio station broadcasters in Sorong said he has better perspective on HIV/AIDS after being moderator throughout the series. Even a pastor in the community confesses that he has changed his mindset towards those who are HIV positives—thinking that they are cursed but they are precious souls to be loved and accepted as part of the society—deserved to live and have rights as other people do.   

Sorong Selatan HIV/AIDS Prevention Program (SHIVAP)South Sorong Regency, West Papua Province March 2009-February 2012

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