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Rising up for clean water access


People of North Barus were also affected by the Asian tsunami last 2004. They are also lack of water because they do not have direct access to the water facility. Women are used to collecting water daily from the nearest water spring in the mountainous part of Central Tapanuli Regency. 

Innovative Solution

The water system is the answer. Every village has one water committee. These committees are mostly composed of women for they are the ones who generally used the water for household needs and chores. Thus, together with ADRA team, they did the assessment and plan for types of the water system, including piping, from the water springs to each village tank. ADRA Indonesia also equipped them with good governance, leadership, and administration. 


Results The current leadership is composed of soft-spoken honest diligent women or “strength of the soft” that do what they say, producing numerous improvements that have gained the respect of agencies and community alike. The increased donations, investments, and clients/members number prove that principle-based systems and strategy development are working successfully for Cooperative Revitalization and improvement.   Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)North Barus, Central Tapanuli – North Sumatera, February 2012-December 2012

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