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Reconstruction of the Jono Village Health Post

Since the entry of ADRA Indonesia for the reconstruction of the North Pakuli PUSTU through village deliberations on Friday 3 May 2019. From the results of the deliberation, the government was responsible for carrying out the process of demolishing the old PUSTU (community Heatlh Sub-center) building independently by the local community.

Temporary Post-Disaster Health Care Center

When I found out that the Jono POSKESDES (Village health Pos) building was in a badly damaged condition and was not suitable for use anymore, it did not make Indrawati midwives stop doing health services. In fact, it did not make it difficult for her to continue to carry out his duties as a midwife serving in the village of Jono. She said when met directly by the Reconstruction team (Wandi and Novriyanto) at her residence Friday, June 28. On that occasion, she talked a lot about the experience of doing health services with conditions that were no longer normal after the disaster. These include the health services carried out often in the homes of residents who they are willing to use for their homes. Because the POSKESDES building at that time was in a badly damaged condition and there was also no emergency health service. Although she had previously proposed to the village government to build an emergency health service center from an NGO that intervened in her village. Every time she wants to visit the village to do service, the announcement of the notification is submitted by the village cadre to the entire community that there will be a health check-up at the specified time and place. With all limitations, service is only often done in hamlet II. Because, in the hamlet there are most residents and supported by representative environmental conditions compared to hamlet I and hamlet III.

Experience of Midwives Doing Post-Disaster Health Services

On the other hand, she also had time to share an unusual experience he experienced. During the service, he had to go back and forth between Palu-Jono all day because she did not have a place to live in the village anymore. Residents who knew this, gave a message to her to settle in the village and be offered by residents to be willing to stay in one of their homes. However, midwives prefer to live in their original residence even though they have to travel a considerable distance every day. She only complained that there were still many damaged roads leading to the village of Jono.

In the midst of these difficulties, he also felt helped by the existence of 2 people assisting health workers from the PUSKESMAS (Community Health centers) Baluase who were assigned directly by the Head of PUSKESMAS for 2 months during the disaster response to assist him in carrying out health services to the community. Even though it was only in a short time, according to her, the assistance of health workers was very helpful in dealing with the situation at that time. Until finally, she was on duty again alone when the two health workers were withdrawn. Along with the withdrawal of health workers, the head of the PUSKESMAS also instructed midwives to visit villages to do health services every 3 times a week.

The midwife explained that after the disaster, there were around 10 Jono village women who gave birth to be referred to the Baluase Public Health Center because of the unavailability of facilities in the village. The thanks giving is that the 10 women who gave birth did not experience obstacles and obstacles when the process referred to labor. In addition, patients who visited for examination and treatment experienced a decrease in the number of 15-18 people/month. Compared to before the disaster reached 27-30 people every month. He also did not know the exact cause. The patients were dominated by children with cough/ispa complaints and adult women with the intention of having family planning. At the end of the day, with gratitude he also expressed his deepest gratitude to ADRA Indonesia for its care through such great assistance in rebuilding POSKESDES in the village of Jono where he served.

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