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Rapid Needs Assessment

A day after the main 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck West Sulawesi, ADRA immediately deployed its emergency response team, Pak Ayang, and Pak Jimmy, to conduct a rapid needs assessment. ADRA decided to deploy its team from Palu, Central Sulawesi. A Rapid needs assessment is crucial in this stage to know the survivors’ needs.

After 12 hours of driving, They arrived safely in the disaster area. They reported that along the road entering the affected area, they saw that many people had set up emergency tents on the side of the road and expected help from every passing car. Even the looting of aid cars has taken place. The survivors did not dare to return to their respective homes. Apart from having part of their houses destroyed, they were also worried that bigger and bigger aftershocks could trigger a tsunami. 

On the other side, the joint SAR team from the government, police, and Army, and other organizations tried to help those still trapped in the building’s rubble.

After meeting and coordinating with the government and organization at that time, the ADRA Team continued its rapid need assessment by visiting several temporary survivors camps.

Through the interview method, the ADRA Team found that the refugees’ greatest needs were emergency tents for shelter, blankets, ready-to-eat food, medicines, drinking water, hygiene kits, and psychological support.

ADRA decided to provide them Shelter kits, food items, and hygiene kits based on data collected.

Your donation makes a difference! Let’s help the survivors of the earthquake in West Sulawesi. Through ADRA, you can provide shelter kits, food items, and hygiene kits for them. Thank you.

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