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Public Consultation on Disaster Emergency Preparedness SOP of Pandeglang Regency

Pandeglang Regency faces significant threats including floods, droughts, extreme weather, and more. Floods and droughts, in particular, pose recurrent high risks according to disaster assessments from 2014 to 2018. The Regional Disaster Management Agency and Fire Department (BPBD-PK) in Pandeglang has identified seven districts susceptible to drought due to El Niño. BPBD-PK has established distribution centers and partnered with the Regional Drinking Water Company to ensure water supply. The agency has urged communities to preserve water sources and refrain from cutting down mature trees.

ADRA, in collaboration with BPBD of Pandeglang Regency and with the support of The Pandeglang Regency Government, is actively engaged in disaster risk reduction. The Forecast Based Financing for Anticipatory Action, empowers BPBD of Pandeglang Regency to respond to emergencies effectively by doing Anticipatory Actions.

BPBD of Pandeglang Regency’s team is formulating Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Disaster Emergency Preparedness. In a significant step towards inclusive disaster preparedness, ADRA, BPBD of Pandeglang, and The Pandeglang Regency Government organized a Public Consultation. This event aimed to gather insights from various stakeholders to refine the draft SOP, ensuring it aligns with the needs and concerns of the community. 

With the participation of government officials, the community, academics, media, and the business sector, this initiative aims to review and gather input for the SOP for Emergency Response to Drought in Pandeglang Regency. Participants hold the expectation that the prepared draft will serve as an easily comprehensible guideline for every stratum of society, down to the village level. By developing comprehensive SOPs and strengthening local capacities, Pandeglang is building resilience against the challenges posed by various disasters.

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