Revitalization Posyandu


To increase the capacity of Posyandu cadres in handling nutrition problems early on, ADRA conducted training on developing and strengthening integrated Posyandu basic services for 3 days for 5 villages in 5, 6, 11 November 2019, namely Bangga village, Baluase village, Rogo village, village Jono and the village of Beka. ADRA chose these five villages based on high levels of nutrition problems and above 50% and villages that experienced the worst impacts due to the earthquake and tsunami that occurred.

Before training, ADRA coordinated with the village head to determine the training venue, training date, and time. The participants of this training were all cadres, midwives, and Pokja 4 who were involved in the development of village community health.

The training material covers 5 steps of Posyandu services and makes a Posyandu activity report that is useful for finding out further interventions. Not only providing training, but the ADRA team also visited each village to monitor and assist in reporting Posyandu activities. Reports on the results of Posyandu activities will be presented at village meetings for intervention plans for nutrition post activities. The village meeting will be attended by cadres, village officials, and PKK representatives.

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