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Peter Latuasan from Jono Oge Village


In the past, Peter and his wife managed 6 beds of mustard vegetable gardens and goats’ daily. But the earthquake and liquefaction had devastated not only residential areas but also vegetable and goat farms, which were managed behind the house.

For 13 days, along with other residents Peter, his wife and children lived on the side of the road without tents and relied on makeshift food taken from the remnants of his house and water around their former residence regardless of whether the water was clean or not. And finally decided to join the rest of the community living in Pombewe IDP’s camp and hitching a ride to a neighbor’s former corn dryer.

On the 15th day, ADRA came to distribute shelter kits and together with other residents to build an emergency shelter for each family. At that night, they slept on the ground, without mats and blankets.

To meet the family’s food needs, Peter sought work as a laborer and if forced he would ask for a loan from his parents.

At this time, Peter along with 58 other families in IDP of Pombewe have received Cash Transfer of IDR 10,000,000,- Peter used his cash to start a family livelihood. Together with his wife, they agreed to buy 3 male goats and 2 female goats and 1 piglets. In order for healthy and fat goats, Peter manages family land to plant elephant grass and gamal trees for goat food.

He managed the 10 million funds only to start family livelihoods and set aside 1 million for savings. Peter was not tempted to use the funds for unproductive matters, including building a family’s temporary residence. He prefers to look for coconut trees in former liquidation locations to build house poles, and collect zinc and used plywood to build his own house again

Thank you ADRA for coming to help us. Not only distributing shelter but also helping us to rise up by restoring our livelihoods so that we can generate our own income without relying our food consumption on continuous assistance.

I believe, if I managed properly my livestock business will succeed and I will turn this money for my next business.


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