Our Mission

Our Purpose

To serve humanity so all may live as God intended.

Our Motto

Justice. Compassion. Love.

our principle

 ADRA’s decisions and strategies are consistent with its beliefs, purpose and values.

  1. ADRA’s decisions and strategies are consistent with its beliefs, purpose and values.
  2. ADRA demonstrates respect for diversity, treating people with equality, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or economic, political and religious differences.
  3. ADRA conducts its operations and delivers its programs with environmental sensitivity.
  4. ADRA documents and applies operational learning to enhance individual and organizational effectiveness and innovation.
  5. ADRA maintains a work environment and systems that enable staff to achieve professional, personal, and spiritual growth.
  6. ADRA practices the highest principles of transparency and integrity, adheres to professional standards and requirements, and demonstrates fiscal and legal responsibility by implementing rigorous control and compliance systems.
  7. ADRA enlarges its resource base to meet humanitarian needs in accordance with managerial, technical, and organizational capacities.
  8. ADRA shares plans, information, resources, and learning within the ADRA Network, enhancing efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility.
  9. ADRA advocates for the basic rights of the people with whom it works, empowering them to speak for themselves.

Where ADRA works

ADRA’s work touches millions of lives in more than 118 countries around the world. ADRA’s on the ground approach allows immediate assistance in times of crisis and true partnership with the communities we serve.