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Mrs. Uni, an elderly who sells tempe

Her age as a 69 older woman does not stop Uni from working to earn a living. She and her husband, a 70 years old man, work together to produce tempe, traditional food made from fermented soybeans. Andi was a volunteer from the KOMIDA cooperative. He said that even though Uni had some problems with her leg that made her walk using a stick to support her, she had high enthusiasm to work.

They sell the tempe by themselves. Uni’s husband usually walks around their neighborhood to sell the tempe, while Uni sells the tempe at home. Many buyers, the people from her surrounding area, come to her house to buy the tempe. Uni was very scared when one of her neighbors had been positively infected by COVID 19. Uni said that she wanted to stop working, stop producing the tempe, and stop selling it because she understood that COVID 19 could harm their health. She was also worried because her husband often walked and sold the tempe to the neighborhood area where there was a positive COVID 19. Although Uni sells the tempe at home, many buyers usually come to her house to buy the tempeh. They make some crowd in her house. So Uni is not safe from COVID 19 because of this crowded. But Uni and her husband cannot stop producing and selling tempeh because they need money to survive. She also wanted to wear the mask, but she could not afford to buy it.

She was very happy when Andi came to give her the cash assistance from ADRA as much as IDR 1.500.000. She was delighted because she could stop working and meeting with people to keep them safe from COVID 19. Uni was not only happy because of the cash assistance, but more than that, she was really surprised and happy when Andi gave her a hygiene package such as a dozen face masks, hand sanitizers, and some soap. Uni was in tears when she received the cash and the hygiene package. She said God had answered her prayer.

Andi also gave her a big poster and put it on the wall outside her house. The poster is about how to prevent older people from COVID 19. Andi explained in detail what they should do and should not do to prevent themselves from COVID 19. Not only Uni and her husband can read the information on the poster, but also their neighbors and surrounding community. It will increase their awareness of COVID 19.

After several days, Andi came to visit Uni and her husband to help them with psychosocial support. Andi should call her by phone, but Andi had to do a home visit because of the signal problem. When Andi visited them, he saw that both Uni and her husband practiced health protocol related to COVID 19 that he had explained to them previously. They wear the masks and often washed their hands with soap. They also used hand sanitizers when it was needed. Andi’s visit made them happy. They could share their feeling, hope, and fear to him.

Andi was very happy because he could be the part of the “Save the Elderly People from COVID 19” project team where he could be involved to help others in need. Andi said that he was very touched and cried when he saw Uni and her husband cry when they received the cash assistance and hygiene package from ADRA. It is a life experience that he will never forget.

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