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Motivated & Passionate to help

Pst. Abri is one of ADRA Indonesia volunteer, His current position is Director of ACS, and also an ADRA representative for East Java Conferences. He has joined 2 batches of ADRA Training in 2017, the 2nd and the 4th batch. In the 2nd batch, he was part of ERT members, and there the training was more focused on Rapid Needs Assessment. While in the 4th batch, he was fully trained to understand the basic disaster management.

After the ERT training, he worked together with ADRA in disaster response and practiced what we have learned by going to field in Bali to respond and support ADRA distributing hygiene kits to 510 families who evacuated due to the increased volcanic activity of Mt. Agung. It was more than 150,000 IDPs.

ADRA and EJC even facilitated batch 4 basic DM training in Surabaya City, at the conference building hall.He also emphasized that it is important that the church members, school people, and communities will be aware and prepared, so whenever disasters strike they will be able to help others rather than being victims.

Pst. Abri and Bali church members volunteered on logistics and distribution to IDPs“I am now motivated and so passionate to help my fellows and to learn more how to respond to emergencies effectively and efficiently. Before I really did not know what to to do except to raise fund from local churches, but after all these, I am able to do many things. I am eager to relieve the suffering of disaster survivors and also it is helpful to work with ADRA since we can build a network with the government such as BNPB and BPBD. They welcome us so well.” He said.

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