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Miss Maria’s Story


Ms. Maria is an elementary teacher of English subjects. She is friendly and cheerful that the kids like her so much. Students are motivated by her attitude and style of teaching. She lives with her aunt and uncle with their son in a small and simple house in Bekasi, West Java. She used to be as early as possible arriving at school every day. She trained herself to be punctual all the time. Playing and learning together with kids is her passion. Noraliv teaches Pathfinder classes in her church’s club.

“I like children around me,” she said, “I love them very much.” The cheerfulness and noise of students have been part of her daily life. She has a high spirit to make students feel being accepted, loved, and cared for. Becoming a child-friendly person, she is closed to their parents and knows well each child’s character. She reported vehicle accidents involving her students and the parents within the school complex several times due to low parental safety awareness and carefulness.

Knowing that ADRA Indonesia opened registration for volunteer training had ignited a hope to be more useful in her daily life. She was eager to join the group. She was familiar with ADRA Indonesia because she joins some Pathfinder activities supported or involving the ADRA team. Dealing with emergencies, “I am used to crossing the flooded roads to reach my school,” she exclaimed. Yet, she has no idea what risk to take actually. The only thing she knows is to reach the school on time and safely. After joining the first training batch of ADRA volunteers, she gained lots of information as a treasure of knowledge for herself.

Disaster preparedness was so attached to her mind that she was happily teaching her students on that matter. Upon first preparedness orientation class, one of her students unknowingly had put so much attention that the next meeting he was ready with his disaster bag, full of items as described. Later, the students showed her pictures of their works–their personal disaster grab-bag. Full of colors and creativity. Disaster is not a thing full of scary scenes. “As long as we are prepared, we can be saved,” she believed. She is confident to teach disaster preparedness and management after attending ADRA’s training sessions. She is more resilient than before. Her mind is a preparedness mind, full of anticipation and alternatives to face any unexpected things.   

Training by ADRA teaches me to be prepared for emergencies and to care for others by educating them and helping them in assessing their capacity and being aware of hazards and risks. “I learned how to draw my house’s escape route. I need to, and now, know where to evacuate.” She is more careful with kids now, and every time she can, she will inform and socialize with others.

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