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Long-beans, watermelon, and tomato

During the aftermath of the earthquake and liquefaction that hit Jonooge Village, Central Sulawesi, Mr. Seno struggled to provide for his family. Like everyone else in Jonooge village, he could only work odd jobs to survive. He didn’t know how long he had to stay like this. The natural disaster left them with almost nothing.

Recently, ADRA completed implementing the first year of a program to restore the affected population’s livelihoods in Palu, Central Sulawesi. This project is called “CFBG REAF: Food Security Enhancement and Livelihood Recovery for earthquake-affected Farmers in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia,” funded by the Canadian Food-grain Bank (CFGB).
The project’s local name is the “Program Ketahanan Pangan melalui Pengembalian Mata Pencaharian Masyarakat”

Mr. Seno with his tomotoes

In October 2019, the CFGB REAF team determined that Mr. Seno would be one of this project’s beneficiaries. Mr Seno then attended a Farmers Field School organized by the chili and tomato cultivation project. He also received agriculture input, such as chili and tomato seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides recommended by the BPTP (Agricultural Technology Development Center). He learned a lot from this Farmers Field School, how to grow and manage chilies, tomatoes, and other vegetables. Amazingly after three months of planting it grew well, and he managed to harvest his first tomatoes and long beans.

Now Mr. Seno and his wife spend time harvesting long beans and tomatoes at the project’s demonstration site. From this cultivation, he could earn 2 million rupiahs per month. “My life has returned since ADRA came, thanks to ADRA,” he said happily.

Beside the agricultural capital, REAF-CFGB has also helped farmer groups install three submersible pumps, which are working well. In the first harvest, Mr. Seno received 1,960 bunches of long beans and 1 ton of tomatoes. His net income from the first harvest included the watermelon, tomatoes, and long beans are Rp. 11.3 million

He can support his family’s primary needs from this income, and a part of it he invests in preparation for the next planting (seeds, fertilizers, and tools).
 “I am very grateful to ADRA for making a tremendous change in my life and my family,” Seno Hadi concluded his testimony.

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