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Mrs. Mulyati – West Sulawesi Earthquake survivor

The first earthquake that occurred at the afternoon made us really panic and left house in hurry. My neighbours did the same. That earthquake was strong enough but caused no damage. Our head of the village reminded us to be careful because of the aftershocks and tsunamis that could occur at any time because our village is located close to the sea. Because of that, we evacuated to the higher and safer place. 

At night, my family and I, decided to rest at home.  On February 15th, 2021 at 02:28 WITA the aftershock came and it was really strong. It made my window that locked could open by itself. I rescued myself through that window. I saw our walls fell down. We are so grateful that we survived from this earthquake although we lost our house and everything in it. 

That night, the weather was not good. It was heavy rain and the power was off. I heard our villagers were crying and screaming tried to find their family members. With that condition, they were still need to focus to fine a higher and safer place. We were really not ready. At our evacuated place, there was no tent. Most of us got wet and cold. Few of them got injured from the walls that fell down. With minimal lighting, the villagers tried to set up temporary shelters from whatever they could find. With wet clothes on, we were waiting for morning to come and was hoping for help to come soon.  I can only say that it was a really sad and tough time for us. 

 The story above was told by Mrs. Mulyati, one of  of ADRA shelter beneficiaries in Petakeang, Galung, Tapalang, West Sulawesi. Mrs. Mulyati has nine children, five girls and four sons, also three grandchildren.  This village is one of the most affected villages from the earthquake. Approximately 90% of the houses in this village were badly damaged.

ADRA has distributed emergency tents for 2,200 families as well as multipurpose non-cash funds for 2,360 families of earthquake survivors in West Sulawesi.

 “I am very grateful for the kindness of all those who have been willing to help us during this difficult time."

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