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Drinking Water

ADRA is organizing a WASH response to the devastating earthquake, tsunami, liquefaction and landslides of September 28, 2018 in Central Sulawesi.  ADRA has received ADRA network funding and DFAT funding through the Church Agencies Network Disaster Operations (CAN DO) consortium and  effective October 8, 2018 to provide safe water supplies, water units, hygiene promotion and safe water transport and storage.

 Through an implementing partner (Water Mission) the combined CAN DO and Network WASH program will install 4 safe water systems utilizing filtration and /or disinfection, each of which provides 10,000 liters per day for a minimum of 3 months and complement this with hygiene promotion and safe household-level water transport and storage containers @ 2 per household.  

ADRA will site the units where they can provide the maximum number of affected population with clean water. ADRA inlign with the Sphere standard of 15 liters/person/day to calculate the number of persons served by the units, which results in 533 households, but as this is an emergency situation it is possible to go as low as 2.5 l/p/d in the emergency context for potable drinking water only, which would increase the population served by the 4 water units to 3,200 households (or 16,000 people assuming 5 people per household).

ADRA will serve in Pulu village in Dolo sub-district, Tuva village in Gumbasa subdistrict, Pobewe village in Sigi Biromaru dan Dogala kodi in Palu city.  

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