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COVID-19 Prevention


ADRA Indonesia has anticipated the impact of the spreading of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) to its humanitarian project sustainability. Currently, there are several large projects ongoing, Reconstruction project, Livelihood Recovery Project for disaster victims in Central Sulawesi, and also the HIV / AIDS anti-stigma project in Papua, Indonesia.

ADRA Indonesia is responsible for mitigating and also disseminating any information regarding the virus prevention and mitigation to all ADRA staff, beneficiaries, and community.

All the livelihood recovery projects in central Sulawesi should be completed on schedule to prevent chronic poverty after the natural disaster in 2018. However, now a new challenge arises because of this pandemic. Most of the project activities that must involve large numbers of the participant and this can be a container for the virus to spread. ADRA has developed prevention and mitigation procedures and a contingency plan to keep all the projects and activities running without harm the staff and the community.

In the implementation, ADRA reduced and limited the project activities that gather many people in one place, reduced the number of members in each meeting, and maintain a safe distance of at least one meter. ADRA staff actively teach the community how to prevent the spread of this virus in every chance in limited meetings, banners, leaflets, and also using online media.

At present, there are still many IDP victims of natural disasters who still live in the most vulnerable places, namely refugee camps, where there is no observance of social or physical distance, and lack sanitation.

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