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CLTS Promotion – Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara


The result of WATER Project recently done in the same area, Tumpak village, was analyzed that they need a better environment sanitation to make the healthy habits, and bring a better outlook of the village. One of the uniqueness of Tumpak village was that they defecate in open field, nearby their house. This is a source of disease spread especially when it’s raining. But they looked indifferent.

Mahyudin is one of sanitation team members representing three hamlets. After attending CLTS training with transect sessions, his knowledge, skill and awareness about sanitation hygiene were increased. Before attended the training he and his family defecated at the river not far from his house. He never knows that open defecation behavior is dangerous for health. Through CLTS approach his perception is changed.At the 3rd day of training, he and other team members who had no toilets made a commitment to secure their manure by building a splash toilet.

Since that time he share the knowledge he got to his neighbors by writing down all the information he got from training and stick them on his grocery shop. He didn’t even spent any money on his new toilet for he used the materials found around his house such as coconut tree, bamboo, rocks, coconut leafs for the roof and wall.

What he has done has followed by his neighbors. As there were four families did the same. Mahyudin not only built a toilet but also provide a trash can at his shop and the kitchen as now he knows how important the cleanliness is.

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