From Farmer to Advocate

Soleman Dethan (69), is a farmer from Noelbaki village, Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. Having received three doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, he embarked on a mission when the virus started spreading and the government urged everyone to get vaccinated. However, many people were hesitant due to the circulation of hoaxes. Soleman realized that the virus posed a […]

Covid-19 Vaccine for Elderly

68-year-old Tersia Teuf, or known as Mom Tersia, is a farmer. She has recently received her first dose of Covid-19 vaccination in Oebesi Village, Amarasi Timur Sub-district, during the Covid-19 vaccine rollout in East Nusa Tenggara. She was relieved and said, “It’s just an injection; why should we be afraid?” Oebesi is a small village […]

A Tough Woman

On Friday, 23 September 2022, the ADRA team who partnered with Pertuni in the Pulih Bersama vaccination event visited an interactive discussion and vaccination event in Tuban – East Java. These activities aim to educate and vaccinate eligible people who are vulnerable to Covid-19, including the elderly, people with disabilities, comorbidities, and pregnant women. We […]

Mom Mina, “I’m glad to be vaccinated.”

Yakomina Sayuna (71 years old) or people called her Mom Mina, is a corn farmer from Oebesi Village, Amarasi Timur Sub-District in East Nusa Tenggara. She has six children; all are married and living with their own families, and Mom Mina lives alone. Every day, she goes to her field to grow corn, beans, and […]

Covid-19: Psychological First Aid and Mental Health

Through PULIH Bersama Project, ADRA will strengthen community resilience by providing local communities, including marginalized people, with psychosocial support and mental health referrals; and increasing understanding on livelihood support for those who have been severely impacted by the economic crisis resulting from the pandemic. Therefore, to build and encourage the involvement of the community and […]

Revitalization Posyandu

  To increase the capacity of Posyandu cadres in handling nutrition problems early on, ADRA conducted training on developing and strengthening integrated Posyandu basic services for 3 days for 5 villages in 5, 6, 11 November 2019, namely Bangga village, Baluase village, Rogo village, village Jono and the village of Beka. ADRA chose these five […]

Supporting Heatlh Center reconstruction of Pakuli Utara village

Since the entry of ADRA Indonesia for the reconstruction of the North Pakuli PUSTU through village musyawarah activities on April 24, 2019. From the results of the deliberations, the government was responsible for carrying out the process of demolishing the old PUSTU building independently by the local community. The demolition process lasts for approximately 2 […]

Reconstruction of the Jono Village Health Post

Since the entry of ADRA Indonesia for the reconstruction of the North Pakuli PUSTU through village deliberations on Friday 3 May 2019. From the results of the deliberation, the government was responsible for carrying out the process of demolishing the old PUSTU (community Heatlh Sub-center) building independently by the local community. Temporary Post-Disaster Health Care […]

Better health

The “Better Health through WASH Interventions” project will meet the immediate hygiene needs of 365 households  the Central Sulawesi affected zone. ADRA anticipates targeting households in Sigi but will be flexible to fill gaps in Palu and Donggala. To meet these needs the activity requires 3 months of funding.  Through this activity recipients affected by the […]

Public Latrines & Emergency Shelter assistance

With the support of KerkinActie, ADRA is focusing to provide humanitarian assistance in Sigi District; Dolo Selatan and Kulawi Sub-District.  Its estimated that about  7 villages will  be targeted that would cover 1,550 households (6.200 people).  Emergency Shelter assistance  will  be provided  and Public latrines facilities will be constructed according to needs and following sphere […]