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Cash Transfer


ADRA Switzerland will partner with ADRA Indonesia for the Emergency Response NFI/Multi-Purpose Grant (ERN) Project. This ERN Project will be funded by Swiss Solidarity

ERN Project intends to protect lives, reduce suffering and restore livelihoods of populations during the acute emergency phase following the Central Sulawesi Indonesia earthquake and tsunami. The ERN Project will focus on displaced communities where members have lost their homes, contents, and basic livelihood assets. At present, these communities are displaced to over 140 locations where they moved to a higher ground that is somewhat close to their original community locations.

The Outcomes of this project are to increase access to basic necessities such as food, clothing, basic items for hygiene and cooking components, Increase the access to temporary shelter components and Increase the capacity for early livelihood recovery by replacing lost assets for 372 households.

A market survey would be needed upfront to ascertain not only local availability of critical items but also to determine which financial institutions are best placed in the affected zone to engage, and also what kind of e-finance products would work best (example cash card that could be swiped with merchants, etc.), bearing in mind the need to include very poor households. If there are sufficiently strong local markets, ADRA will be using a cash transfer method that will be ideal and enable households to make their own priorities as well as strengthen the local markets.

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