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Bukuku Bukumu Proyek

Hello Friends!!!

My Book Your Book Project, Batch II is doing well and is a success! Volunteers in Sumba have received your book submissions and have also been read by our friends in Sumba! The total collection of books in Batch II is 1024 books with a total of 252kg! You guys are really awesome! With the help of ADRA Ambassador, we have contributed to educating the nation’s children!

We got requests for books from several Reading Parks in Sumba! It is because they have not had a new book for three years, so the children read the same book every day. When a natural disaster hit East Nusa Tenggara, many of the Reading Parks were damaged and almost all of the books were washed away by the flood.

The beneficiaries of this project are children and adolescents aged 4 – 20 years, as well as local teachers and nurses in Sumba. Beneficiaries will receive books from this project through Reading Parks in East Sumba:

1. Hammu Wangu I Reading Park

2. Hammu Wangu II Reading Park

3. Anjelo Reading Park

4. Hammu Eti Reading Park

Thank you to all the donors and those of you who are willing to volunteer, provide time, energy, and also funds to help this project run well and have been successfully accepted by our brothers and sisters in Sumba.

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