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Building tertiary irrigation canals


Sigi District is one of the regions producing rice, corn, and vegetables in Central Sulawesi, which is expected to supply the region’s food needs. And the agricultural sector is a supporting sector of the family economy. The availability of water for agricultural land and plantations is a vital requirement for farmers. But the condition of the irrigation network in the aftermath of the earthquake, liquidation and flash floods that occurred in 2018 was heavily damaged and buried in sediment so that the ability to drain water is deficient or cannot be used at all.

In this regard, since June 2019, through the REEF program funded by the Aktion Deutschland Hilft, Swiss Solidarity, and ADRA network (ADRA International, ADRA Switzerland, ADRA Germany) improvements have been made in tertiary irrigation channels in 4 villages namely Jono village, Pulu, Poi, and Proud. Through the development of tertiary irrigation is expected to encourage increased land productivity in increasing agricultural productivity and farmers’ welfare.


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