Sharing Benefits with Mrs Yati

Mrs. Yati – A tailor at the East Tebet PSPT Market. She is a friendly person and likes to get along with anyone. After seeing the volunteers who clean and tidy up the Op Shop before it opened, she asked what the shop was set up for. She was very impressed with the vision and mission of the Op Shop being founded, which is not just a shop that seeks profit solely from sales but to raise funds for humanitarian aid. Knowing this, she was actively involved in organizing the goods in the store.

After the Op Shop officially opened, she was very happy to be able to shop at the Op Shop because she could get quality goods at affordable prices. Mrs. Yati sometimes, on the sidelines of her work as a tailor, comes to take the time to look after and tidy up the things in the shop because the shop is not far from her sewing kiosk.

Benefiting from the Op Shop made Ibu Yati want more people to experience the same benefits. She is very active in sharing information about the Op Shop with market visitors. Whenever her customers visit, bring fabrics to be sewn or take stitches, she always directs her customers to visit the Op Shop.

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