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ADRA Indonesia Strategic Planning 2023

ADRA Indonesia recently conducted a two-day strategic planning session, analyzing its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The findings revealed that ADRA Indonesia is renowned in Indonesia and the ADRA network for its outstanding performance in emergency response, disaster risk reduction, and preparedness. A key factor contributing to its success is the organization’s impressive partnerships with various organizations. These collaborations have allowed ADRA Indonesia to expand its reach and make a significant impact on humanitarian efforts.

ADRA Indonesia team does really great work, they are known throughout Indonesia, the Asia region and ADRA for just being excellent in emergency response, disaster risk reduction and preparedness. They do that through impressive partnership with all different kinds of organization and that’s really their strength.”
Mark Webster, ADRA International Chief Strategy Officer.

By developing its newest strategic planning, it allows ADRA Indonesia to define clear goals and objectives aligned with its mission and vision. ADRA Indonesian aims to amplify its impact and reach a larger population, ensuring to serve humanity so all may live as God intended through justice, compassion, and love. The organization recognizes that by strengthening its strategies and partnerships, it can further uphold its mission and bring positive change to the lives of more people in need.

By identifying specific targets, such as reaching a certain number of beneficiaries or implementing projects in specific regions, the organization can focus its efforts and resources in a targeted manner, increasing its overall effectiveness.

We can do this with you, our partners and network support!

We will continue to serve the people who need it most.
Together, we bring hope and support to the most vulnerable communities.
Hand in hand, we make a difference through our dedicated service.
With love and care, we impact lives and create positive change.
We will never waver from our commitment.

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