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ADRA Helps Me to be a Better Person

Ferdinand is an Accountant from Tapanuli, North Sumatera, a hard working, dedicated man who has been working for ADRA since 2018. He is a family man with a wife and four children, a fifth generation Seventh Day Adventist who loves the Sabbath because it gives him time to rest. “We get to stop doing our daily routines and focus on worshiping the Creator,” Ferdi says. 

Before joining ADRA, he worked for the private sector where new office regulations put him into situations that went against his values and principles, forcing him to quit his job. He decided to look for a job that would enable him to serve others just like Jesus did. Looking for a new job and God in His miraculous way led him to apply for the Accountant role in ADRA. Ferdinand feels much more comfortable and happy now working for ADRA, an agency that has the same values and principles that he strongly believes in. “I love working in the humanitarian sector because it allows me to experience working in God’s field to serve humanity,” Ferdinand says. He loves being in an ADRA family to be able to assist those who are vulnerable, in poverty, and in need. “I can grow as a person and have become a better version of myself, I have gained a lot of knowledge, had many opportunities to serve and the team is always friendly and supportive,” he reported. 

Ferdinand hopes that more people will be able to know about ADRA and what ADRA does to serve the community so there will be more people to serve those who are in need.

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