ADRA Asia Board Meeting 2023

The ADRA Asia Board conducted an annual meeting on 27th February, 2023 in Jakarta. Indonesia was pleased to be chosen as the country to host the event.

“We are ready to contribute, encourage and give all our support to the ADRA Asia Region. We are so thankful and grateful to ADRA Asia particularly Indonesia for their hospitality, concern and help. I am out of words. It has been an amazing experience to be here and I will never forget,” said Pst. Ezras Lakra, the Chairman of ARO Board and President of South Union Division.

“I am incredibly and deeply impressed that many people’s lives have been impacted here in Indonesia. It is a privilege that ADRA is able to impact the lives of vulnerable people in various communities, to see the wonderful work and the capacities of the office here. The hospitality of ADRA Indonesia has been absolutely wonderful and we felt like home. We want to extend our thank you for your hospitality and warm welcome,” Michael Kruger, the President of ADRA International.

Besides the annual meeting agenda, ADRA Indonesia had the chance to present the projects which have been implemented here. Pst. Deddy Aritonang also shared his testimony joining the ADRA emergency response to the Cianjur earthquake and how ADRA worked closely with the Adventist church to assist those in need in time of disaster.

The next following day on 28th February, the the board visited Sarampat Village, Cugenang Sub-district in Cianjur Regency. This village was one of the most affected areas by the earthquake that occurred November 21, 2022. They saw in person the on-the-job training of the Expanding Safe Project and saw the process of how to build earthquake and cyclone resistant houses using ferrocement method.

“This technique of using ferrocement method to build earthquake and cyclone resistant houses is clever, innovative and amazing,” said Korey Dowling, Vice President for People and Culture of ADRA InternationaI.

The community, mostly women and children, warmly welcomed them all and expressed their biggest gratitude for the assistance they have received. They hope ADRA will continue to assist the earthquake-affected families.

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