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A Commitment to end malnutrition

The INSTINCT (Improving Nutritional Status of Indigenous Community Toddlers) Project focuses on the under five through posyandu revitalization program involving the roles and integrated strategies of all stakeholders: regency government, DoH, BAPPEDA (Regional Development Planning Agency), and related SKPDs (Regional Government Working Units) together with village officials, including village head, traditional and religious leaders, puskesmas (Community Health Center) workers, posyandu cadres and mothers.   

Actual status and its affecting factors presented by Yosephine Bidi, INSTINCT Project Manager, were directly taken from the baseline survey result on the knowledge, attitude, and practices of communities randomly sampled from 7 out of 19 sub-districts of Gorontalo Regency. Based on the data, it was needed to increase knowledge of the cadres and mothers on child growth stimulation and nutrition aside other essential findings. These baseline findings will be the success benchmark for positive change at the end of a 3-year project in 2015.

 The prime methodology of community-based child nutrition improvement efforts is PDI (Positive Deviance Inquiry). This approach with its particulars was clearly exposed by Nanang Sunarya, the resource person from Training Center on Health Education, Ciloto, West Java. Cameron Reid, International Development Program Coordinator, from ADRA Australia was present witnessing how enthusiast was all involving stakeholders in this precious program. All participants understood the real problem, solution, and strategic actions of the project tailored by INSTINCT Team which activities include the establishment of Regency Controller establishment of Regency Controller Committee, training for Community Facilitators and PDI Master Trainers who in return will train posyandu cadres and mothers of the under five, program assistance and other technical support. Regular monitoring and final evaluation will show the success of the project launched on 8 November 2012 and planned to end on June 2015. 

Reinmer Gorianto/INSTINCT Project Staff

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