Community-Corporate Partnership Formation Project (CCPF Project) aims to build a partnership with corporates. In the 12-month project, there will be 3 small scale projects supported by corporate. The small-projects will impact 500 families or about 2,000 people. Thus, it will pave the ways to build trust between Corporate, Village, and ADRA. Thus, by the end of 2017, 3 corporates sign MoU with 5 villages for the next projects. The next projects is to scaling up the current projects by matching fund. ADRA will seek support from CSR consultants to achieve the goal of the project. They will help us identifying shared value to attract corporate to enter the partnership.

Climate change has threatened not only the community livelihoods but also corporate sustainability.  The Participatory research of Community Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (CVCAs), conducted by ADRA in 2015, is good references to justify the situation. The research will help ADRA to raise climate change issue in conversations with corporate.Our initial beneficiaries are the people living in the coastal areas. They already feel the climate change impact effects. But we open for a possibility that corporates will decide beneficiaries and project target.

CCPF Project seeks the lesson learned on how to build co-funding partnership between corporate and village. We will establish CCPF committee at the village level to ensure community-lead development projects. The Committee consists of villages’ government representative, women groups and people with disability representative. The committee will lead the process to make the matching fund initiatives happen. They will encourage a good governance principles (participation, transparency and accountability) as a crucial aspect to build trust of their counterpart.  |   info[at]