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The high rates of HIV transmission as well as the stigma and discrimination experienced by the people living with HIV, in Papua especially in Sorong, has moved ADRA Indonesia to take efforts in reducing those stigma and discrimination against the people living with HIV.

Through Edutainment activities, ADRA Indonesia hopes to embrace many parties who actively participate in providing the right information about HIV / AIDS that can reduce the stigma and discrimination against the people living with HIV. ADRA Indonesia realized that the current era of globalization, where technology is more advanced, the "Negative" information about HIV is easily accessible by anyone, either adults, teenagers and even children. This surely can be detrimental to the personal development especially with the rampant promiscuity at this point performing unsafe sex can potentially be the transmission of HIV / AIDS.



HIV = Human Immunodeficiency Virus
AIDS = Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome


HIV / AIDS is transmitted through :

Blood, vaginal fluid and semen

For example, use of unsterile needles alternately, blood transfusions containing HIV / AIDS. Free sex is not safe without using a condom.


HIV / AIDS does not transmit through :

Eating and drinking equipment, toothbrushes, bedding and other simultaneously. It's also not transmitted through handrails, cuddle up, or kissing.


HIV / AIDS is no longer a deadly disease, but has now become a "Chronic" disease. This because of the presence of Anti-Retroviral drugs, that can suppress the virus and make it helpless. Anti-Retroviral drugs can not completely turn off the HIV / AIDS virus, but it greatly help the patients to recover their body's resistance.  |   info[at]