The ADRA, BNPB, Church for the Disaster Risk Management or Project or ABCD Project aims to build collaboration and partnership with Church and Government to improve community’ resilience in Karawang and Jakarta’s metropolitan cities and establishment and Training of an Emergency Response Team (ERT) for ADRA Indonesia with representatives from both East and West Indonesia Unions. The ERT representative will be selected from 10 disaster-prone areas.

The National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB) will support training of Master Trainer using their curriculum and training methodologies. Prior to the Training for Master Trainer with BNPB, ADRA will equipped volunteer with basic knowledge, through in-house training and online courses. ADRA present in 10 districts with high vulnerability index will be strengthened through ADRA ERT representative. The representative will make the MoU with 10 BPBDs and participate in coordination meetings and capacity building.
In the second semester, Master Trainer will undertake actions to increase community resilience. They will organize and train Pathfinder on DRR and plant mangroves, making biopori and campaign for revitalization of rivers and canals. They will train the teachers for safe school and church leader, pastors on DRM. The ABCD Project will look for financial support from the church through the Master Trainer and Pathfinder projects. By the end of ABCD project, Master Trainer and ADRA Representative will apply for professional certification to BNPB. The certified Master Trainer and ERT representative will gain recognition from the government, the church and civil society and will sustain initiatives for community resilience triggered by ABCD Project  |   info[at]