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WASH Project


"More than 100 million people have no access to clean water and basic sanitation. No water, no survival. Yet, one’s life is not easy without latrines. Let’s end water poverty and open defecation behavior, NOW!

Almost half of both urban and rural dwellers in Indonesia has no access to safe drinking water. All over the country, 100 million people are still lacking of both clean water and latrines, while 40 million are still defecating in the open space. In many villages, only 38.5 per cent of families have toilets, septic tanks and other sanitary facilities. The overall scarcity of basic sanitation services contributes to the high incidence of infant death in, at least, 10 provinces.

ADRA Indonesia works with communities in Barus and Lombok to increase access to safe drinking water and to have open defecation free (ODF) villages. Available natural water sources are streamed using the gravity system as the nature is being preserved. Village water committees are established to manage the facilities and village governments drafted bylaws to ensure participation and sustainability. These committees and special teams are equipped with skills to trigger the community’s awareness to end open defecation behavior with their own resources and strengths. In some levels, they implement Sanitation Marketing Program to speed up and scale up the ODF initiative.  |   info[at]