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Around 2,000 families or about 5,000 scavengers make their living by searching and sorting thorough mountains of waste to find and sell recyclable items at landfill of Bantar Gebang. There are almost thousands of children with hundreds of them are under five. These children are forced to live with their parents in non habitable houses made by cardboard, poor plywood or other materials rubbish with the dirt floors.

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For the clean water needs, the parents have to buy it for their drinks and cooking. Proper sanitation and hygiene is almost impossible. These children are surrounded by flies, mosquito, rats, and very bad smell. They are exposing to health risks ranging from infections, anemia, wormed, and malnutrition.

To support under-five nutrition program, ADRA Indonesia with Yayasan Dinamika Indonesia (YDI) conducting a school feeding program for Play Group children of YDI. The mothers have been trained on how to provide a healthy food for their children.

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