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BAMBOO Project

It's all started with the passion to love nature and save it from any harm. The nature will support you back. The people living at the coastline areas really know how to live in harmony with the nature, which is the WAVE...

People of Cemarajaya village in Karawang regency (West Java) put efforts to restore their hamlet damaged by abrasion where previously it was well-known for its tourism and fishery.

How ADRA Indonesia help them to face and respond to the reality?
How is the result?
Will this initiative bring a lesson?
Who are benefitted by this project?

Watch the video on how the vulnerable coastal community uses nature-based traditional materials to cope with the climate change effects not only to survive but to thrive.

The project is designed to increase community capacity adaptation and to help them to takes mitigation measures to cope with climate change. One urgent strategy of adaptation is to elevate and extend the coastline for 2 to 5 meter per year. One of the prominent leader in the village, that is Mr.Tarwo is very confident that bamboo pole method is able to increase sand volume and will be the promise the solution for their abrasion problem.
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